About Linda...

Linda has been in ministry for over 25 years. Beginning with a music ministry, she grew into additional roles from a healing ministry to prison ministry, evangelism, and pastor.

She started in Pennsylvania and was led to Illinois in 2008. Since being in Illinois she has hosted annual ladies retreats, Bible studies, evangelism efforts with several churches in Illinois and Indiana.

In 2014 she was selected to be the State Director, Indiana for the
United States National Prayer Council and recently became the State Director for the state of Illinois.

As the host of Revival for End Times, Linda has enjoyed working with local and national pastors to bring the pure message of Jesus Christ. Beginning in Danville, Illinois, the radio program has now grown to a network of AM/FM stations to reach over 14 million people.Click here for a list of stations.

In October 2015, Pastor Linda paired up with Randy Cary, Praise and Worship Leader (Randy is the lead for the music group "Cary'd Away" with Moe Moore and State Director - Indiana for the United States National Prayer Council). They organized and started a church called "Revival for End Times Ministries". Click here for information about Revival for End Times Ministries.

While the church is separate from the radio program, the church financially contributes to the ever growing, blessed ministry of Revival for End Times Radio Program. Click here for more information about the radio program.

Pastor Linda K. Harbaugh Rowe

Host:        Revival for End Times Radio Program
Pastor:     Revival for End Times Ministries
                 Danville, IL

Director:   State of Illinois
United States National Prayer Council

Contact Pastor Linda

Email: Linda@RFETM.org         Mail: Revival for End Times Ministry      Phone:    (217) 504-5655
                                                            c/o Pastor Linda Rowe                  Website:  RFETM.Org

                                                            806 E. Main St.
                                                            Danville, IL 61832